Hot Tapping & Plugging

Hot Tapping is a method of employing an under pressure drilling machine to cut a hole in an operating pipeline or storage vessel which allows for a new branch connection from the existing pipe or vessel without any interruption to the flow.

Line stopping (Plugging) is procedure that temporarily stops flow in a operating pipeline without de-pressurizing or purging, repaired, replaced or altered.

You may face the following problems during pipe alteration & addition works :
• Insertion of branch in operational pipeline
• Insertion of branch that require to drain off large amount of fluid
• Insertion of replacement of valve in an operational pipeline

• Able to providing hot tapping service : Carbon Steel, Galvanized Steel, Stainless Steel, Fiberglass, Copper and Brass Pipes, Cast Iron, Ductile Iron and Concrete Pipe
• Tapping of Pipeline Diameter up to 48″
• Tapping of Pipeline Operating Pressure up to 2000 psig
• Tapping of Pipeline Temperature up to 200 Deg.C

• One Stop Service : Hot Tap Accessories, Services, Insulation & Piping Works
• Convenient : No Need For Massive Draining of Fluid
• Hassle Free : Installation of Valves, Pressure & Vacuum Gauge Thermowel
• Reliable : Many Years of Hot Tapping Experience