Insulation Application Services

These services cover installation, fabrication, project management and material supply contracts. ETS offers a complete service that includes: FOAMSMART thermal and cryogenic insulation, sheet metal fabrication and fire protection cladding. Our markets include Oil & Gas, Power Generation, Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverage and HVAC industries as well as offshore and shipyards.

We use insulation :
• Condensation Control
• Pipe Freezing
• Energy Saving
• Protection against extreme temperature

ETS offers a dedicated team of insulation specialist that performs the following tasks :

Thermal Insulation (hot & cold)
• Pipe Freezing
• Calcium Silicate
• Foamsmart Polyurethane
• Perlite
• Armaflex/ Insuflex

Crygonic Insulation
• Pipeline
• Storage Tank

Vessel Acoustic Insulation
• Removable Jacketing

Protective Cladding
• Perforated Protective Cladding