Stopping Leak by On Line Method

Services to seal the leakage without stop the plant operation. Using the service, we do not have to stop the plant operation just to seal the leakage. Even the pipe or flange, which leaks, can still be used during the sealing process. The service is widely used in fossil and nuclear power station, refineries and petrochemical plants, oil production platforms, pulp and paper mills and other continuous process plant to prevent emergency shut-down and to converse energy.

Whether a leaking FLANGE , GLAND VALVE , BONNET VALVE, SEAL RING VALVE, PIPE TEE, ELBOW, REDUCER< STRAIGHT PIPE, VALVE BODY LEAK, ETC, we promise to give solve problem can be stopped.

We have successfully sealed leaks of Steam, Water, Hydrocarbon and Gas including over 100 Chemicals at temperature ranging from sub zero to 700°C with pressure up to 250 kg/cm2

We take our commitment to protect the environment as seriously and for customer’s satisfied.

We ensure to meet of :
• Our solutions maintain the integrity of your process systems.
• Keeping systems on-line reduce the amount of potentially harmful and polluting fugitive emissions released into the atmosphere.
• Our goal is to extend the life of your plant components.
• Repair rather than replace’ enables you to avoid the unnecessary re-manufacturing and replacement of equipment