On-site Machining

On-site Machining, a service to do machining right in the plant. ETS has wide range of on-site machining service like Flane Facing, Boring, Milling and Pipe Cutting, etc. Many applications can be done e.g V. grooving, flange facing, weld preparation, in-line boring, etc.

Portable Flange Facing Machine
Flange Facing Machine is machine to repair of joint face. We have internal mounting and external mounting type of machine. ETS has a capability of machining diameter flange 1″ up to 120″. We always close at hand to solve any particular problem. Such as : gasket surface on flange or exchanger diaphragm removal, dollar plates, tube sheets and vessel shells, gasket surface nozzles, man ways, hand holes. We offer equipment that requires low axial and radial clearance envelopes. Any surface finish requirement can be met

Cold Pipe Cutting & Bevelling
ETS provides service to cut pipe (severing) and beveling diameter 2″ through 40″ with wall thickness up to 2″/ 50mm. We have capability to machine all materials including carbon steel, stainless steel, chrome and exotic alloy.
We can provide equipment & tooling to machine weld joints to your specifications : standard bevels, compound bevels, J bevels and other configuration are easily achieved.

Portable Milling Machine
ETS has a large inventory of milling machines that will fit varying application.
Our machine capability has tolerances quickly and accurately. We also provide milling such as deviders and exchangers, key ways in shafts and gasket surfaces on access doors.
Tight tolerances and exact surface finishes are assured. Our milling machine has 3 axis moving with capacity up to 2 meters.

Portable Line Boring Machine
ETS has a portable line boring machine with diameter hole 1.5″ through 24″.
• Pneumatic, hydraulic or electric drive
• Standard 24” boring stroke
• High torque geared bar drive
• Easy use roughing and finishing feeds
• Utilise existing boring bars